Trade Portfolio Manager
Tracking Stock and Option Spreads


Tracking your Stocks, Options and Adjustments

Track your stock and options trades so you can keep track of your profit and loss. Track your trades based on stock and strategy groups. 

Track your closed trades from your position even after they are closed! No longer will you have to go back to your excel spreadsheet or broker to figure out what legs have closed and your cost basis!

Trading Journal

Keeping a trading journal is very import in trading. It helps you keep track of when and why you have entered a trade. It can also help you figure out which trading strategies work best for you. 

Using Trade Portfolio Manager Online, you will be able to review your trades, find your strength and weaknesses of your trading strategies, and then improve your trading results based on those results!

Risk Profile

A risk profile shows you how your stock and option trade is going to react over time and in different situations. The graph gives you a visual representation of your profit and loss for that current trade. 

Our Risk Profile is powerful because it combines the stock and options tracking with the risk profile to bring you a true risk profile of your current trade. It can give you the true risk profile because it keeps track of all of your past closed and expired legs for that certain position. For example, if you have a covered call with multiple short calls that have expired you will be able to see the true profit and loss for that whole trade and not just the current open trades!

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