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Trading JournalTrade Portfolio Manager Online is a trading journal for all your stock and options trades.

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Track all of your trading accounts online. Track your performance for your closed and open trades.

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Welcome to Trade Portfolio Manager Online!

The place where you can track all of your stock and options trades!

Trade Portfolio Manager Online provides users a way to track all their stock and options trades with an easy and user friendly approach. The website tracks all the users' adjustment for any stock and/or option trade. For any trade you are able to figure out when the stock and/or option trade was purchased. You are able to track the life of the trade from its initiation to conclusion or adjustment. Trade Portfolio Manager Online provides a full range of reports such as performance tracking, cost basis reports, exit points, profit and loss, and more!


Featured Services

  • Strategy Groups

    Strategy groups are defined as a group of stock and option trades on the same symbol. Some examples of a strategy group are Collar Trades, Covered Calls, Iron Condors, Call Calendars, Put Calendars, and a lot more. You also have the capability of adding your own strategy group so you can keep track of your performance on a custom strategy group.

  • Keep Track of Adjustments

    Keeping track of your stock and option adjustment is a very difficult and time consuming process. Trade Portfolio Manager provides an easy to understand grid to enter all of your trades into. The program can support stocks, calls, puts, and dividends. You can enter an unlimited amount of transactions and it will automatically calculate your cost basis and profit and loss.

  • Automatic Downloads from your broker

    Trade Portfolio Manager supports automatic downloads from brokers that provide access to the OFX Server. To get a list of support brokers click here. You can also import trades from an OFX File download from your brokers website. Being able to automatically download your trades means that you do not have to manually enter a trade into the program.

  • Risk Profile

    The risk profile is a chart that visually shows you where the risk and reward is before you place a trade. Trade Portfolio Manager gives the control to the user with an interactive chart and the ability to customize values from the Black Sholes formula. The important feature of the risk profile in Trade Portfolio Manager is the ability to include your past profit and loss for the trade. With the ability to include the past profit and loss the risk profile the chart reflects the real risk and reward for the trade.

  • Access your information from anywhere!

    With Trade Portfolio Manager Online you can securely access your information from anywhere with internet access. Even access your information from your iPad!

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